Our Services

Distribution of flyers and advertising materials

  • Permanently updated area-survey database
  • Categories according the purchase power in each district
  • Mobile distribution net with big headcount
  • Distributing high impressions
  • Controlled distribution process and result

The workmanship of DM campaign

  • Delivering flyers, prospectus, letters, packages
  • On-demand personal, documented deliverance
  • Following determinate address list

Distribution on car windshield

  • On-demand everywhere in the country
  • Smaller advertising materials

Print production

  • Digital rotary and flatbed printing machine
  • Customized design
  • Low prices, jobs at a short notice
  • Printing throwaways, advertising materials, folders, brochures, calling cards, posters

News balls

 We would like to introduce you a new way of advertising which is very conspicuous and spectacular.

We give colorful balloons to pedestrians or place them on the rearview mirrors of parking cars. We print the information in a 26 diameter circle on the balloon, which is filled with helium. This method is especially effective; it hits the target sure enough, because it attracts the attention of most people. According to our experiences – because of its happy and unusual appearance – most of them keep the balloon, and everyone reads the information.