Our methodes


We made a survey in Budapest and according to this, we developed a map, which shows the distribution itineraries comprising currently more then 900,000 homes in Budapest. The map is divided to zones, and contains the exact numbers of mailboxes, homes and the type of buildings. Each zone includes 1000-2500 mailboxes. We have the same kind of map concerning all bigger cities of Hungary (over 20,000 households).
We make the distribution also in smaller towns and villages, using our staff’s reliable local knowledge to make sure, that the materials reach their target. The distribution is finished 2-4 days after we came to hand the materials. A distributor gets 8-10 districts, after having finished there, they call the distribution-manager, who sends a supervisor.

Delivery control

To the effect of providing the best possible service for our partners, we pay lot of attention to controlling the distribution. Our propagators are controlled even during and at the end of the distribution process. We make records from each of the controls, so our partners might obtain them. We offer our clients every time the opportunity of taking part personally in the controlling.